Monday, January 03, 2005

Inaugural PotD

Today's PotD is a Proverbial toss-up, or perhaps would have been, had I risked driving Unsafely. She was traversing the sidewalk of a popular Strip mall near Tysons Corner, my home turf, a brown-eyed blonde with shiny Clean hair brushing her shoulders, showcasing tremendous Assets in tight jeans. Skilled Girlwatchers appreciate tight jeans on a Woman. Personally, I love them on a Woman, and taking them Off, especially, like unwrapping a Tasty Surprise. Since I was driving Safely, though, I hadn't time enough to confirm my initial Assessment based on fleeting drive-by glimpses, and when I parked she was nowhere to be Seen.

Another blonde, another lovely Blonde, is the Inaugural Pussy of the Day. A Dirty Blonde, shoulder-length tresses, brown eyes too, five foot six about 130 with deep brown eyes, and french-tipped Manicure wrapped around a venti Starbucks cup, aged somewhere between 28 and 32 years, with full Lips for her small Mouth, Lips painted a gorgeous subdued red that usually shows itself only just between the very last vestiges of sundown and the onset of the Right Time on the Beach in certain Parts of west Florida. She has a cute Figure, 34B+ tits snug in a clinging soft black long sleeve sweater, a tapered waist, nice hips and a phlat ass making her tan slacks much more attractive than they deserved to be. If I close my Eyes I see Her now, except Her sweater's on the floor and I'm telling Her how Impressed I am with Her off-beat taste in bras as She smiles more Knowingly than She should.

An auspicious Inaugural Pussy of the Day. I'm pleased.


Welcome to PotD!

Girlwatching is becoming a Lost Art. The proliferation of video hos 24/7/365 on tv and the Internet renders Girlwatching irrelevant to all but the True Aficionado. Why pay any attention to Real women on the street or at the park, library, grocery store or mall, when Electronica provides us so many perfect(ly fake) ones at the click of a Button?

The practitioner of True Girlwatching knows the Sexiest women aren't the ones on screens and posters. The Sexiest women are the ones around Him everywhere, everyday, in the Flesh, sipping a cappucino at the Carwash or websurfing at Starbucks or buying batteries at Best Buy for what He hopes is her sophisticated collection of Sex Toys. These are the Women to Glorify.

Girlwatching Methodology does not include stalking. Stalking's not only Illegal, it's Counterproductive to the Bona Fide Girlwatcher's Objective, which is to Feast visually on as many Girls as He can whom teasing Providence places before Him as He goes about His Affairs.

Thus, PotD. Each day He can, the Girlwatcher shall post the description of the finest Woman He Encounters, in as much Detail as reasonably necessary for the Reader to feel the Heat the Girlwatcher did during the Sighting. This Woman shall be The Pussy Of The Day. She shall be the Woman Who Most Struck Abject Lust Deepest into the Girlwatcher's Loins, on that day. On some days there may be multiple posts, if and as the Girlwatcher's Opinion modifies with each New Sighting, but at the end of each day there shall be only One Pussy.

The Girlwatcher lives in northern Virginia, only a few miles from Our Nation's Capital. This metropolitan area comprises about five Million people. Figure about half are Female, and about half of those are Adults, and that's more than a Million Girls to Watch. For purposes of Accuracy in Reporting, The Girlwatcher's Vision has been Scientifically Corrected to the Proverbial 20/20. For additional purposes of Accuracy in Reporting, the Girlwatcher suffers no Erectile Dysfunction, and requires no Scientific Correction in this regard. The PotD is the Girlwatcher's all-Natural 100% Organic ciagravitra.

The Girlwatcher isn't partial to Skin color, tall Women or short, blondes, brunettes or Redheads, hair length or Style, Eye color, big Tits or small, phat ass or phlat. The Girlwatcher is all about Equal Opportunity. The Real Woman He Sees who most Flames His Loins is the Pussy of the Day. All Women Of Age are Eligible.

Our Journey Begins...